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5 Awesome Shoe Storage Ideas

November 02, 2016

Owning a large number of shoes can be really tricky, especially if you don’t have a lot of storage space in your home. That’s why every woman needs to have a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to this issue. Here are 5 amazing ideas for all practical girls with lots of shoes.

Pocket hangers – Guess what, pocket hangers can actually be used for shoes as well. Even though we mostly use them for toiletries, toys or other house supplies, they are great for shoes, too. Of course, it works best with flip flops and flats so your Chocolaticas will fit perfectly.

Extra tip: If you don’t have space for a hanger on your closet door, you can improvise and hide it underneath the bed skirt.

Molding on the wall – Moldings on the wall don’t just have to be decorative, they can come in handy if placed well. Hang molding on the wall to make a beautiful display of your Chocolaticas collection. Just prepare to be asked where you got them, all the time.

Wine Crates – Talking about creative ideas and Chocolaticas on display, we have another similar suggestion. Take old wine crates and give them a new purpose. Not only will you save space and money, you will also get a cute new way of showing off your shoe collection.

Old ladder – Love gorgeous heels and cool improvised furniture additions to your living space? Try using an old ladder to hang your heels and give your room a fresh look while also saving space.

DIY shoe hangers – If you like arts and crafts and DIY projects, you are going to love our next idea. Make your own little shoe hangers from old metal hangers and decorate them with ribbons. They will look beautiful, they will be prefect for flip flops and sandals and you can hang them wherever you find a good spot.

After you’re done storing your shoes and freeing up some space, why not add another pair to your collection? Visit and meet our charming Chocolaticas.

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