7 Tips to Make Your Online Shopping Safer

Posted on 26 October 2016

Isn’t online shopping just awesome? It’s easy and convenient and you practically don’t have to move from your comfy couch. Amazing offers are waiting for you just a few clicks away, but you also need to know how to shop safely.

Since you can also buy our famous Chocolaticas online, here are 7 tips to help you enjoy shopping online and avoid any unnecessary stress and risks.

1. Buy from websites you trustInstead of looking for shopping websites on search engines, shop only from familiar websites. Of course, there are some famous websites that you can trust for obvious reasons. But be careful with less-known websites or those with strange domain names. 

2. Find the lockYou know that small lock that sometimes appears on websites that require your password? Well, it’s a big deal. Only trust a website with SSL (secure socket layer) whose URL will begin with HTTPS instead of just HTTP.
Don’t give out all the informationOf course, you will need to give credit card information in order to do online shopping, but never trust a website that asks for too much. For example, your date of birth is completely unnecessary as well as your social security number. 

    3. Use secure connectionYou’ve probably heard this a million times but allow us to repeat. Never shop online on a shared computer or on a connection in a public place. Only a secure connection and your personal computer will ensure your safety when entering credit card data.

      4. Check statements regularlyDon’t be lazy, check your credit card statement regularly and after every purchase you do online. Make sure everything is in order and it matches your purchases. As soon as you see something fishy, call the bank immediately.

        5. Compare pricesNow, this is not really a safety issue but it can save you a lot of money. Make sure to compare prices in order to get the best possible deal that you can find. You can use websites such as PriceGrabber to help you. 

          6. Check the shipping price – Many websites have high hidden charges that customers regularly fall for. Shipping can sometimes cost more than the item you bought. That’s why you must keep a sharp eye for any scams that may come your way.

            7. Now that you know what you should keep an eye out for, you can continue shopping. Why not head on over to our shop and find your new favorite pair of shoes: We guarantee a safe online shopping experience.

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