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May 19, 2018

Backpacks with style add the perfect touch to your outfit, everywhere you want to go, and it is a chance to carry all your things looking fancy!

Bags, in general, are more than just an accessory in every girl’s routine, wearing a bag allows us to carry all those things we are going to need during the day (which are a lot!), having our personal belongings with us even when we are not at home is just as clever as necessary.

Moreover, something useful does not need to be ugly and bags are not the exception, bags can perfectly be both functional and pretty and the same time, so we can stand out of the crowd by wearing a gorgeous bag while keeping our things safe and close.

The fashion industry is a constantly changing world, there is always something new to do, a new style to impose, a new print to use, another purpose for an old thing, etc. As a result of this constant improvement is why we can find some topics that a few years ago may sound impossible and nowadays are completely trendy.

For instance, in the last decade there were few reasons why a woman should use a backpack:

  • Attending to school.
  • Attending to the university.
  • Having a newborn baby and needing to carry all his things.
  • Being a hiker or backpacker traveler.

In brief, they were more or less all the available options wherein a girl can use a backpack without lookingweird or out of context but, you know what? It does not work like that anymore, and we are happy about it!

It all began one summer when girls had plans to go out during the entire day and needed to carry all their things without missing anything but having a bag comfortable to carry, and we are aware that nothing can be more comfortable than a backpack.

First of all, it is barely anything you cannot put into your backpack, from personal documents, money, and makeup to bigger things like shoes, an extra shirt, and pant, a towel, etc. Backpacks are perfect for those days that include multiple activities like going to the beach, having a pool party, going shopping with friends, and much more.

However, those are also occasions in which we definitely want to look awesome and very stylish which means an outdated high school backpack does not seem like the most suitable option, but happily for us, nowadays we can find a myriad of different sizes, shapes, fabrics, prints, and more.

When backpacks became trendy, the diversity grew enormously and now it is possible to find as many different options as we do with bags, handbags, and wallets. From classic backpacks for travelers and students to mini and chic backpacks, some others made of leather to fancier looks, colorful for more relaxed outfits, and much more.

Healthy and trendy = backpacks!

Yes, we cannot find a better combination of both our style and our health too. Men cannot have an idea of how many things we carry with us in our bags, the more we grow; the more alike our bags are to Felix the cat’s bag!

It is said there’s nothing you cannot find in a mom’s bag but, being always prepared with everything you may need out of home also means having a heavy weight to carry with us every single day.

Supporting this weight day by day with the wrong bag can negatively affect our health and generate from light to several problems in back, shoulders, arms and/or hands. Given this very important fact, we have compiled some of the many benefits backpacks bring to our health:

Perfect distribution of weight

As backpacks are considerably big (excepting the mini backpacks, of course) they tend to support more weight but, they also count with more point of support in order the spread the weight equally.

This distribution of the weight helps our back (both upper and lower) and spine which reduces the risk of suffering injuries and back pain. Moreover, when really going onto an adventure, make sure you pick an ergonomic backpack instead of one less safe but prettier; keep in mind that health comes first.

More Space

As we have been saying, backpacks are more spacious which means you have not to sacrifice leaving at home certain things instead of others for not having enough space in your handbag. On the other hand, on those occasions wherein what we need is something small and easy to carry, there we have mini backpacks which are cute and comfortable at the same time.

Free hands all the time

Different from clutches, handbags, purses, bags, and more, backpacks do not need your hands! All you need to do is to use your shoulders (or just one of them for extra swag) and you are ready to go.

Having free hands allows you to move easily and perform every activity you need to do during the day, pick a lovely backpack and you will forget you have it with you all the time.

A good relationship between product and price

Even if your choice is from a big fancy brand of bag and purses, the price may be fine for the product you are about to receive. Backpacks are meant to stay with you for many years as they are made of long lasting materials and resistant fabrics.

Which one is the best?

When talking about backpacks, the range is wide to choose from; different fabrics, models, sizes, and prints are available for every girl to choose the one that fits the most in her style and purposes.

From classy bags to carry our personal documents to laptop backpacks to bring with us our laptop and documents, the idea is to have not only something functional but pretty too, remember that in fashion there is no need to sacrifice comfort or beauty, it is always possible to have both.

First of all, we find leather, it is so classy that cannot fail. Having a black or brown leather backpack in your wardrobe is such a good ally in any girl’s closet. Moreover, they can work on many different occasions which means you can take it to your office, to a Saturday night plan, or a shopping mall and looking nice every single time.

Also, we have prints and let’s be honest, we all love prints! They are perfect to add a touch of color to our closets and outfits too. In fact, tribal prints are pretty much popular in these days, havinga nice tribal print backpack to accompany your outfits will give a relaxed touch to your looks.

Moreover, there are much others prints (not tribal ones) that can be really appealing, having one cool backpack with a nice print as part of your wardrobe will never let you down. In addition, being able to choose frompalm trees, donuts, flowers, cartoon characters backpacks will be always a nice decision.

For those girls looking to have something even more daring, there are some options available. It is important not to forget that backpacks, as any other piece of our outfit, must reflect our personality, make us feel confident and comfortable without losing our style and beauty.

You will be always able to find a model that truly fits with your likes and style; what’s more, having a crazy stylish backpack as part of your outfit can help you out to set the spotlight of the outfit on it instead of your clothes, perfect for those days when we have no idea about what to wear.

For instance, would you keep your eyes away from the girl wearing thelovely puppy backpack? Of course, you will not, and everybody will do the same. Wearing a cute and outstanding backpack like this is a great conversation starter!

This lovely model is perfect for those animal lover girls, you will receive more than oneawww from people wherever you go! Also, you have a good range of options to choose, from bulldog, to terrier, golden retriever, and lovely kitten too!

On the other hand, options go beyond puppies and little animals, there are much more other available prints to select and we can recommend one more that is capable of catching the attention from everyone around you.

Have you heard about 3D Cartoon Fashion? Well, it exists and you will not believe how amazing it is! Picture yourself wearinga backpack that looks like taken out of a cartoon from the tv!

The best for you

No matter which option you pick, we are completely sure you will be able to create hundreds of different outfits including your backpacks in them. Do not forget to have some classy prints and fabrics that are infallible for formal situations and dare yourself to add some other crazy backpacks in order to have that extra touch in your outfits.

Take care of your health by wearing backpacks and feel confident and beautiful on the streets!

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