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Best Outfit Combos You Can Try With Your Chocolaticas

November 23, 2016

Are you in need of some outfit inspiration? Don’t worry because we have just what you’re looking for. From quirky to elegant, casual to formal, you will easily fit into any occasion with a little help from us.

So, let’s start by saying that Chocolaticas are easily some of the greatest shoes ever designed as they practically suit every occasion, mood and season. Flats or heels, there are so many to choose from. However, Chocolaticas are quite quirky and you need to know how to create outfits that will complement them without being too aggressive.

Here are a couple of our ideas to give you guidance and inspiration to create your own combinations.

First off, Chocolaticas that are excellent for pairing up with so many different things - Horror Lolita Chocolaticas. Being bloody red, white and blue they can practically go with anything in those colors. Try it with a pair of white shorts and a regular red Tee, or go bolder with some Beetlejuice pants or a colorful shirt with a cool print.



We love the Cherry Chocolaticas because they give us a perfect excuse to dress like pin-up girls. Get yourself a 60’s style dress, preferably with cherry motifs and don’t forget a red polka dot headband. Perfect for a night out in the summer.



We just can’t resist including the timeless Sailor Flats from Chocolaticas collection that are insanely perfect for hot summer days. For casual evening walks around the town, pair them up with blue boyfriend jeans and a loose white shirt. Replace the jeans with jean shorts and add some white-framed sunglasses and a sailor beach bag and you’re ready to hit the beach.



Simonette Flats, Habana Flats and Beautiful Until Death Flats should be your go-to choice if you’re a fan of the good old Little Black Dress. Any simple black dress will work great with your Chocolaticas since they’re already quite eye-catching. Complete this dark look with some black sunglasses and black jewelry.


 Try our ideas with these and other Chocolaticas you can find at or create your own outfit combinations.

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