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Chocolaticas – Shoes For Every Season

December 07, 2016

Every girl needs to know what shoes fit which season. And it’s not easy always getting it right.

Sure, it’s almost summer now and we’ll have little to worry about. We just hop into our favorite flats or flip flops and we’re ready to go. But other seasons usually make our decisions harder and we often wonder whether our shoes will be warm and comfortable enough or fitting for a rainy day. 

Not to mention the whole other issue of shoe styles and colors that fit a certain season. Brighter colors are great for summer and spring, while darker colors seem more suitable for winter and fall.

Here are our suggestions for wearing Chocolaticas throughout the year.

When spring comes, we usually get inspiration for new beginnings and new adventures. Our outifts also become much more creative. And our shoes must reflect that feeling that spring brings. These super cute Chocolaticas with spring motifs will perfectly suit your mood and lift your spirits every time you wear them.








We love summer for so many reasons: the sun, the beach, warm weather and endless outfit combinations. So, don’t let summer get away so fast. Try out these fruity and deep-sea blue Chocolaticas designed especially for our favorite season.








When fall comes we usually start feeling a little down. But don’t let the rain bring you down! Instead, brighten up your fall with some awesome Chocolaticas. These are not only super comfortable, but perfect for the gloomy days as well.






Cold weather and snow can be annoying during the winter, but they can also be an excuse to wear some super cute Chocolaticas along with winter skirts and long warm stockings. Besides, there are some of our favorite holidays in the winter, which actually makes winter pretty awesome.






You can find these and other perfect Chocolaticas for every season at

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