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June 14, 2018

Women fashion is an amazing, big, and complex world but it is also wonderful. Every day, thousands of different colors, patterns, trends, cuts, and clothing pieces come out to the world and women get crazy with them but, to buy every single piece we see in the showcase is necessary to be -at least- billionaire.

However, there is no need to have a giant closet to have something incredible to wear every day of our lives, that is one of the most important characteristics of clothes, you can match it and use it in so many different ways people will think you have something new in each look.

In addition, every girl in every stage of her life has that favorite clothing piece that will not change for anything in the universe, it can be a pair of sandals, the perfect pair of blue jeans, the old leather jacket or the classy and always helpful black dress.

It does not matter how many times we have worn it, it is always the first options that come to our mind when asking ourselvesWhat am I going to wear today? and it is completely okay, that piece makes us feel not only beautiful but confident and comfortable too.

Moreover, there is a wrong idea in the fashion industry: for many decades we have been hearing “fashion gurus” say that there is no reason to wear the same clothing piece twice as if clothes were disposable.

In those people’s opinion, wearing the same outfit twice is a free ticket to humiliation and embarrassment, especially in these days when everything gets recorded by photos and video but we are on the other side, we think clothing has its own life and it is necessary to take advantage of every single piece which means we really need to wear them.

Don’t you agree with us? It is not only a fact that depends on our budget, but also in our personality, there is no need to think about clothing as something that cannot be worn more than once to give the right impression to people but to think in clothing as elements that reflect our personality, humor, and emotions and those are things we do not throw to the trash can after a long day.

In fact, we are not the only ones that think clothing has power and is our mission to exploit that power (more than once), even famous women from different positions and professions are aware that fashion does not mean buying a new outfit for each day.

So, what should we feel embarrassed if important people like our belovedPrincess Diana used the same dress, skirt, and even recrafted a dress? Come on, girls if the Princess could, what stop us? All we need is to let our imagination run free and create so many different outfits from those pretty things we already have in our wardrobe.

Princess Diana is the perfect example that having a couple of dress, versatile blouses, some accessories and classic clothes are all we need to look awesome every day without leaving all our budget there.

Pieces that never fail

It is said that every girl needs to have a pair of blue jeans, a black pant, a classy dress, a blazer and a skirt to have a perfect base in her wardrobe; starting from this point, every single outfit you can imagine is totally possible.

Keep in mind that some pieces are very versatile to match in some many different ways people will not even notice you have been wearing the same pant during the week. On the other hand, it is our mission to lead the attention to the exact part we want people to focus on.

In this post, we will pay careful attention to dresses, those allies we have in our wardrobe that allow us to look so different when combined with some other pieces. A dress has the power to make any girl look feminine but confident at the same time; also, while wearing a dress we have the freedom to move and show a bit our pretty legs.

In addition, a pretty dress can be worn in so many different ways that is possible to use it for a wide range of occasions, some of them formal, some other informal. Dresses are well seen in the labor area and leisure too, for dinners, parties, meetings, there is no reason not to wear a dress.

We, as you do, are in love with that lovely dress we recently added to our wardrobe and there is no way we can stop using it so we have compiled different options to make appealing and incredible outfits using that dress as the center of each but without losing our style and looking boring.

Warm and stylish

One of the best pieces we can add to complete an outfit is a jacket on top. Depending on the occasion you have in front, you need to decide which type of top will work better. For instance, in case you are going to a business meeting, a blazer will work perfectly well.

On the other hand, more relaxed options like a lunch with friends or a movie night, a soft cotton cardigan or denim jacket will add that final touch to a perfect outfit.

Highlight your waist and hips

For those dresses that are a little bit too wide and does not mark enough your figure, there is nothing a belt cannot fix. Add one to your dress and it will not only add a new feature to your loyal and not new at all dress but it will also help your body to look more stylized.

Moreover, there is another advantage we can relate about wearing a belt with your dress and it is the fact you can place it in different positions ever time; right under your breast, low or high waist and in each case, you will end up with a different result.

Not in the mood of showing your legs?

We all have those days where we do not want to show too much skin, including our legs; maybe we are not shaved or tanned or we simply do not feel like giving our legs the focus of attention.

For those days we definitely have not to refuse to our loved dress because of not wanting to show our legs,wearing a legging under our dress and the problem is completely solved! Yoga pants, tights, fishnet stockings, etc.

In addition, these option allows us to cover two important aspects: first of all, every pair of leggings or socks mean a new possible combination, you can wear a black dress with black yoga pants one day, gray tights the next one, and so on.

Also, this wonderful option is just perfect for winter, this season probably will drop your wardrobe to the half because you lose multiple options that work well for sunny days but, it does not have to be like that for dresses as you can add extra warmth with leggings.

Shoes, they never let us down!

They not only cover out feet and protect them against multiple things but also are beautiful and versatile too. Once again, it all depends on the look you are trying to get, for formal purposes heels will always be the first answers.

However, wearing a dress with high heels is far from being the only one combination we are allowed to do. Actually, if you want to wear a pair of sneakers with your dress, do not let anything stop you!

Flats will also add a lovely touch to your outfit and will give the sensation of larger legs too. On the other hand, for rainy or cold days boots are the best solution you can find to look awesome and safe at the same time.

Finish it up with accessories

Last but not for that reason less important, accessories are our best allies to make any outfit look completely different. As you may know, the accessories we add to an outfit help us to highlight a specific part of the look.

For instance, if we want the attention to be focused on our face, we wear stunning earrings; for our chest, we have necklaces and scarves, for our curves and hips, we use bracelets and watches, and so on.

Wearing the same dress but matching it with different accessories will lead you to what we have been trying to do all our lives, recreating the idea of having so many different outfits from one single piece.

In brief, that classy dress we have in our wardrobe is one of the most valuable things we have when thinking about what to wear. Sometimes, clothing is not valuable only by the amount of money paid for it but also by the many times you are able to wear it and look gorgeous!

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