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Feel Like a Queen in Our Marie Antoinette Double Topping Chocolaticas

October 19, 2016

You don’t even have to be a history buff to know who Marie Antoinette was. But, it doesn’t hurt to tell the story of one of the most famous Queens once again. Why? Because she was the inspiration for one of the most stunning pair of shoes we’ve ever seen – Marie Antoinette Double Topping Chocolaticas.

So, let’s begin our history class.

Marie Antoinette was a notorious Queen of France known for her lavish lifestyle and controversial opinions. She was not a popular ruler, in fact, she ended up tragically, being executed. However, Marie Antoinette will forever be remembered for one other thing – her impeccable sense of fashion.

Even though her spending habits led to her demise, her extravagant lifestyle still serves as inspiration to many famous fashion houses. And Hot Chocolate Design decided to pay tribute to Marie Antoinette by designing a pair of shoes that will perfectly reflect her style and the style of the 18th century France.

So, we present you with a pair of Marie Antoinette Double Topping Chocolaticas worthy of a true Queen. They are not only extremely beautiful and decorated with historical motifs and ribbon shoelaces, but also multi practical. Being double topping means this pair is actually two shoes in one. 

You can wear your Marie Antoinette Chocolaticas as boots by keeping the upper topping. This look is perfect when you really want to make an impression and show off your Chocolaticas in their full form. And, for a more casual look, take off the topping and reveal adorable pink pumps suitable for every day.

These are hands down one of our favorites from the Chocolaticas collection, precisely because of their unique style and the design that tells a story.


 If you love Marie Antoinette Double Topping Chocolaticas as much as we do, visit and get your pair!

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