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Find The Perfect Gift In The Chocolaticas Collection

October 05, 2016

Getting the perfect gift for a loved one always seems like mission impossible unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. So, we decided to make your life a little bit easier and give you a fantastic suggestion. If you’re buying a present for a girl, shoes are always a great choice because we all know that a girl can never have enough shoes.

So, here’s what we have for you: Chocolaticas of different styles and sizes will blow anyone away and you absolutely can’t go wrong with them. Many of their shoes exist in child sizes as well. And, they come in delicious chocolate boxes that are a real treat to open!

Here are some of our favorite gift choices:

Flora La Muerte must be one of the prettiest flats we’ve ever laid eyes on. Just like many Chocolaticas models, the right and the left shoe are slightly different. Inspired by the Day of the Dead, the right one has a gorgeous illustration of a girl, and the left one has a pink skull, while both shoes are covered in floral pattern.





Horror Lolita flats are another pair that quirky girls will adore. They are anything but boring with their Kill Bill meets Lolita design. A disturbed one-eyed Lolita is staring into your soul on the right shoe, while both of them are covered in bloody bandages.


Do you know a girl who never seems to grow up? Lucy in the Sky are Chocolaticas designed especially for imaginative girls who still believe in fairytales. These flats are mainly purple although they are covered in swirls of colors, rainbows and stars. The right one also has an adorable white unicorn that makes them even more special.



These Aristocrat Lolita Platforms are obviously inspired by Japanese fashion. But you
don’t have to buy expensive plane tickets to Tokyo, these platforms will teleport anyone who wears them to Japan. That’s why these blue Chocolaticas are perfect as a gift for anyone who loves Japanese street fashion.


Found a perfect gift? Visit for these and many other Chocolaticas models.


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