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May 05, 2018

Flat shoes are one of the most popular types of shoes in women fashion nowadays; the perfect pair of shoes to look chic, stylish, sophisticated, and being able to walk 12 blocks and not to die in the attempt.

The world of shoes is just huge! In there, there are hundreds of styles, shapes, colors, and patterns, there is a type of shoes for every girl in the world but, flats are also loved for a big number of us!

Even though heels are the first image that comes to everyone’s mind when thinking in women shoes, flat shoes have gained a great popularity in the recent decades. Moreover, the huge rush flats have had is completely understandable: they are not only comfortable but beautiful too.

Sneakers, slip-on, sandals, ballerinas, and more; flats come in a wide range of shapes and styles which means it is extremely easy to find a good pair to include in your wardrobe. Having a pair or two (or maybe dozens of them) is a very good acquisition to your closet as they are comfortable and easy to match with different outfits.

In addition, flats are completely versatile; wearing a particular type of them can bring as a result many different looks. For instance, it is possible to look fancy and sophisticated, relaxed and chilly, sporty and comfy, and so on just by doing the right combination of flats and clothes.

To not get lost or confused in this incredible world of flat shoes, we have compiled all the necessary facts and tips every girl should know about having flats, how to take care of your shoes, how to create amazing outfits, and much more.  

Select the right one

Flats may not work in the same way other shoes do, in flats with pointed toe, you may need to buy a bigger size because the form will not allow your toes to occupy all the front part of the shoes. The best advice we can suggest is to buy the first pair in a physic store so you are able to try them out before paying.

Once you have found the right size that fits perfectly on you, there are no excuses not to buy online inyour favorite online store and fill the wardrobe with different types of lovely flat shoes.

Get to know them

There is a myriad of types of shoes that can be classified as flat; actually, all those shoes that have not heels or platforms can be considered flat shoes. Knowing them separately or being able to recognize each type is very clever.

In general, there are two main classifications for flats:

  • Below the ankle: Converse, sneakers, slip –on, moccasins, loafers, pointy-toed flats, almond-toed flats, and ballerinas.
  • Above the ankle: low boots, high boots without heels, military boots, high top Converse, and sandals or ballerinas with ankle straps, etc.

Let’s talk about shapes

Flat shoes are not only classified by its height but its shape is also a good point of reference to separate them into groups. When talking about forms, there are three main shapes we can find to classify flats:

  • Ballerinas: they have a rounded end at the toes, almost every girl had more than a pair of them when was a kid and the main reason is they have a childish look; unless you are 13 or less, this style should not be your first option.
  • Almond-toed: They are the perfect shape to help your legs look larger. For those girls who want to look taller without feeling the pain of heels, wearing almond-toed flats are a good option.
  • Pointy-toed: this choice has an edgy end. While almond-toed flats look great with skirts and shorts, with this style it is possible to make the flawless combination with pants and jeans.

The more, the better

As we have been saying, flats are complex. If we do not combine them in the right way, we can give the opposite effect of what we are truly looking for. In order to not look like a teenager or a short girl, there are some tips we must follow.

Showing skin is the key

As flats have no heels, they keep our feet right on the floor, which means our body does not get those extra inches heels bring. Moreover, there is nothing to worry about it, all we need to do is showing our skin.

Wearing mini skirts, or those under the knee, capri pants, jeans above the ankle, and so on are the best allies for flat shoes.

What we never must do is to wear clothes that do not allow us to show at least a bit of our skin; wearing clothes that have high vamps and cover the feet are not the best option when trying to look taller.

Pick the best for your legs

The cut or height of the flat can positively or negatively affect the way your body looks like, especially your legs. Given this fact, it is extremely important to know which type of body you have and which shape of flats can be more beneficial for you.

For those girls with long legs, using flats that go above the ankle will work perfectly, as they tend to make the legs look a little bit shorter, it will not affect your body shape.

On the other hand, for petite girls, it is recommended to wear  flats that fit below your ankle because they will help your legs to look longer.

Nevertheless, there is a type of shoes that can work really well no matter the length of your legs. Flat boots are part of this type of shoes, which is very convenient due to winter season!

Creating the best outfits

Once it is clear all you need to know to buy the very best pair of flats, then you have your collection of lovely shoes and cannot wait to look sensational wearing them everywhere you go, it is time to match the best combination of flawless looks wearing flats.

Dresses / skirts + flats

Dresses and skirts are just lovely and easy to combine, for these looks it is necessary to pay attention to the length of the skirt in order to give your legs the illusion of being larger.

Jeans + flats

We are completely sure that jeans are pants are the most used pieces of clothing, perfect to create an infinity of looks but, be sure you pick a pair of skinny jeans when wearing flats, the less contact the boot of the jean has with the shoe, the better it is.

Your body matters

Even though the fashion world may come with a very long list of rules to follow, it does not mean people are not allowed to break them from time to time. Actually, fashion and getting dressed is an art, in which each one has the right to match and wear those pieces that make him feel confident and pretty.

Having those rules in mind will help you when creating new outfits and knowing which things work better with others but, when feeling risky, just forget about them and create your own ones!

In case you are a petite girl, the acutest decision you can take is buy flats that are below the ankle; by doing this, your legs will have a positive effect and you will look taller. On the other hand, if you are a tall girl and are not so interested in enlarging your figure, then you have more options between high and low flats.

What about colors?

First of all, there is something we can deny: black will always be black!Having a nice pair of black flats is by far the best acquisition any girl can do for her wardrobe. In addition, there will ensure you will obtain exactly what you are looking for!

For instance, if what you want to get is a sophisticated look to go to the office, wearing a pair of pointy-toed black flats will rock your outfit! While, when looking for something more chilled, wearing a nice pair of sneakers

On the other hand, black is not the only color allowed in order to look awesome wearing flats. Actually, vibrant colors are also very trendy in these days.

Having brilliant or light colors flats are perfect to match; including some of them will mean an incredible opportunity to create a myriad of different outfits.

Moreover, colors are not the only feature we can vary when adding some brand new pairs of flats to your wardrobe, prints play a huge role in there too. With the now classic animal prints flats, comfortable and fancy at the same time.

Also, about the trends we can find in this season, we have patches. Patches are in every single piece of clothing in these days, and shoes cannot be an exception.Patches give a funny and hippie look to an outfit while it also helps to lead the attention to a specific part of the outfit.

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