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Get Inspiration For The Cutest Mother-Daughter Outfit Combinations

September 28, 2016

How adorable is it when you see mother and daughter dressed in matching outfit combinations? Well, if you want to dress your little princess to match, we have a few great ideas to share.

Hot Chocolate Design comes in adult and child sizes which makes a perfect opportunity to get a matching pair with your little one. Take a look at our impossibly cute tiny models and mother-daughter teams that couldn’t resist getting the same pair of Chocolaticas.

Smiley Combo

Turn that frown upside down. With our adorable Smile Flats in adult and child sizes you and your little girl will be ready to conquer the world with optimism and positive energy. Our idea: Combine your Chocolaticas with a plain white Tee and some yellow Capri pants.

Party In The USA Combo

We love seeing such joy and happiness and this little girl gave us an excellent idea for a mother-daughter combo. She looks fantastic in her Mini USA Flats and her American flag outfit. We can totally imagine the mom in some jean shorts and a white T-shirt with an American flag print.


Juicy Watermelon Combo

Summer days are almost over, but don’t let that spoil your fun. We have a perfect idea for you and your little girl, no matter how small she is. We have adult, child and toddler sizes of our popular Watermelon flats. The juicy combos are endless with these flats and you can pair them up with everything in white, red, or green.


Shy Ladybug Combo

These adorable Ladybug Flats easily find their place in everyone’s heart, regardless of age. That’s why they are so popular among our ladies and among the little ladies, as well. And there’s nothing cuter that a mother-daughter combo like this. With a pair of red dresses to match the shoes, you will not go unnoticed.


Strawberry Love Combo

These Strawberry Chocolaticas are the absolute cutest, especially if worn in a mother-daughter combo. Your little one will love these flats as they are one of the most popular Minis from the collection. You and your little one in matching summer dresses and these flats and the world will be yours.


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