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May 25, 2018

There is something no girl in the world can deny, leggings are by far one of the most comfortable bottom clothing we can wear. Actually, having a pair –or tons of them- in our wardrobe is totally a smart decision.

Leggings were mainly created for sportive situations but, there is no doubt that they have invaded almost every extra space in the fashion industry and let’s be honest, they are the perfect option for those days when wearing hard fabrics seems impossible to bear.

Moreover, it is necessary to admit that they are not the  fanciest option we can find in our closets; however, we can list a myriad of forms to wear a pair of leggings for different purposes or situations without looking messy or lazy at all.

On the other hand, the fashion industry is a complex world, opinions and like vary so much that it is absolutely impossible to agree with everyone, it is because of that reason that there is no need to pay too much attention of what people say, just dare to wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful and go out and rock the world!

For instance, let us mention some of the fashion trends that some gurus consider they must disappear immediately; while for some people these trends are in the highest point of popularity, some others are begging for them to vanish right now.

  • Chokers
  • Off shoulders
  • Corsets and huge belts
  • Baby backpacks (miniature backpacks)
  • Bucket hats and bags
  • Fanny Packs

What do you think about those trends we just mentioned? Do you love them? Some of them / None of them? We are pretty sure the answers to those questions are quite the same  someFashion Experts:a couple of them are a total YES! While some others are a “please, let them in the past, now!”

With that explanation we just wanted to show that completely agreeing is not going to happen, never but it also means we all have the freedom to wear those things that make us feel awesome and not caring about other’s opinion.

For those who hate leggings

It is completely okay, we do not hate you for not loving them, and there are hundreds of options available apart from leggings to include in your wardrobes. Keep in mind that when talking about positions and likes, there is no right and wrong answer.

Maybe you are part of that group that thinks that leggings should be strictly used when practicing sports as that is the main purpose they were created for, and it is completely awesome.

Actually, leggings are very versatile, they allow the body to move freely and keep fresh during the exercise. In these days, we can find many activities wherein leggings are considered an essential part.

In cases like  practicing yoga, running, pilates, exercising at the gym and some others wearing a nice pair of soft leggings is very acute. When talking about sportswear there is no way we deny the important position leggings have.

Happily for those that are no so fans of leggings, we have extremely good news for you and it is the fact that denim is gaining ground once again. As you may have noticed, the most common way the fashion industry included jean in their clothing pieces lately were not pants but top pieces such as jackets and blouses.

As a consequence of this rush with denim, it caused that people did not choose jeans as they day-to-day pieces because matching them with jean tops wasway too muchbut, wearing denim blouses is not so IN in these days but  wearing a classy pair of jeans is.

For those who love leggings

You are part of our team! Here in Pimpos, we are completely aware that a couple of years ago wearing leggings out of the gym or the court was absolutely forbidden but, leggings have shown they have the versatility to be worn in many different situations.

Moreover, it does not mean we can go out with the first thing we found in our wardrobe and pretend to look awesome, wearing leggings as casual clothing will require from you extra time to plan your outfits and not to look lazy.

On the other hand, due to the incredible popularity these lovely pants have, it exists a myriad of different types, patterns, colors, and fabrics available for you to choose the one that fits better in your style.

Black will always be our top of the list

There is no way another color can beat black when talking about fashion; the relationship between black and fashion is old and strong for the right reason: everyone looks awesome wearing it!

In addition, black matches with almost every other color in the world which means we have the freedom to choose which one we will match our black leggings to create a lovely outfit.

What we can suggest in order to get an amazing look with a rocking pair of black leggings is to think about it as you will with a pair of blue jeans, it means you can go from a classy white t-shirt, sneakers or flats, and a jacket for the final touch or can dare a little bit more with some top with prints or vibrant colors on it.


It may be a crazy term or something you have never heard before but it is actually pretty common in these days. In fact, ajeggingis a pair of legging that is designed and printed to look like a pair of jeans.

It means you literally get the best of both worlds in a single piece of clothing; you get the classic aspect of jeans everyone is used to see and also get the softness and comfort only a pair of leggings can offer.

Playing with fabrics

Even though at the beginning of this clothing piece they were mainly done with cotton and elastic, this modality has slightly changed with the time passed by. Nowadays, it is pretty common to have much more options of fabrics in leggings.

In one hand, we findFake Leather leggings, they are very eclectic and wearing them can lead you to create an appealing outfit without having to pay much attention to the rest of the look as the legging will catch the entire attention.

On the other hand, there is another trend we can easily find literally everywhere in these days and it is the velvet style. Yes, happily for us, the leggings lovers, now it is possible to shop and wear velvet fabric leggings.

Are prints allowed?

Of course they are! Prints are always a great option, they lead the attention to a certain part of the outfit which can be the bottom part, without any inconvenient.  Furthermore, when picking leggings with prints, it is necessary to think if they are appropriate for the occasion.

For instance, wearinga  pair of cherry leggings is an incredible option for a weekend outfit, a night out with friends, or going to the shopping mall but, we are completely sure they will not work well for a meeting or attending to work.

The best matches

For those days when we run out of imagination and have literally no idea of what to wear, there are some classic patterns we know they will work, those options are just flawless for those days when we have no time to waste thinking about what to wear.

Black + shirt + jean

Yeah, we know, this is an infallible combination, there is no way it can fail. When in a hurry, just take your loyal pair of black leggings out of the wardrobe and wear them accompanied by a white (it can be any other color, dare yourself!) shirt, to add a final touch, take a jean jacket with you.

This look can be considered plain, there is time to bring accessories into action, try to add a pinch of color with your shoes or a bag. In case you live in a place wherein jackets are not needed, just wrap it around your waist for extra style!

Leather + luxury

The fake leather fabric gives a sensation of fanciness and luxury, the very best option to keep this style simple and chic at the same time is to match it with sober colors on the top. In this situation, it is better to keep it simple; nude and creamy colors will complete the look.

Post-Workout mood

Even for those who adore having leggings in their daily outfits, there are certain times when they actually wear them to exercise. Moreover, our routine not always allows us to go straight home after the gym.

For those days when it is necessary to keep doing lots of things after exercising, there is nothing to worry about it, it is always possible to pass from a sporty look to a fancy one with the right combination of clothing pieces.

Just try adding a good looking jacket or simply change your shirt for something more refined. Wearing a mini bag will give the sensation you wanted to be comfy and chic and not the impression ofjust came out of my CrossFit class.

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