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Are you looking for ultimate clothing? Try Pimpos Australia for a quirky outlook. There’s something new and ridiculous at Pimpos.com.au. We have everything from shoes to mugs.

Pimpos collection encompasses:

  •         Adult Clothes
  •         Baby Clothes and Clothing Sets
  •         Swimwear
  •         Shoes
  •         Bags
  •         IPhone Covers
  •         Home Goods
  •         Posters
  •         Journals

A few more words on our shoes, Pimpos Chocolaticas shoes will become your favorite footwear as soon as you try it on. Each pair is unique like you. We have more than 22 design, and more will come out soon. The products are all vegan-friendly and ethically proved.

Catch every eye and be Pimpos.

"A Destination" Art Wallet Clutch


"Always A Hoot" Owl Baby Romper


"Anastasia Dream" Lady Wallet


"Around The World" Women Wallet


"Attum" Women Wallet

From $23.00 - $27.00

"Blackboard" Cartoon Wallet


"Botas Rosas" Canvas Boots


"Cactus & Tribe" Baby Kids Romper


"Cat Crew" Women Wallet


"Cherrylicious" Women Wallet


"Chin-Pan-See" Wall Print Art Decor (No Frame)

From $43.00 - $89.00

"Cirque du Soleil" Style Rivet Steampunk Sunglasses


"Color Block" Ankle Boots


"Craving Up" Cosmetic Bags


"Daddy's Girl" Babies & Girls Clothing Set


"Duh" Cute Baby Cotton Romper


"Fancywork" Women Wallet


"Fine-Apple" Canvas Bag

From $6.00 - $14.00

"Free The Rainbow" High Top Canvas Shoes


"Geometric Tribe" Baby Romper


"Guess Who?" Women Wallet


"Gypsy Soul" Little Girls Sleeveless Dress


"Hang-nana" Super Cool Purse Bag


"I'm a Sailor" Girls Outfit Set


"I'm The Boss" Boys & Babies Clothing Set


"I'm The Type of Girl" Money Bag


"Ice Cream Sensation" Women Pullover Sweater


"Interesting Lady" Wall Decor Print

From $29.00 - $38.00

"Kitty" Mini Wallet


"Le Funky Pug" Home Decor Print

From $26.00 - $39.00

"LED" Flowers Flow Shoes


"Little Grown Up" Clothing Set


"Made With Love" Baby Romper

From $18.00 - $19.00

"Mandalita" Coin Pocket Wallet


"Metal Geometry" Women Wallet


"Milky Way" Cosmetic Cases


"Mini Girly" Coin Pocket


"Motorcycle Club" Medium Lenght Boots


"Multi Personality" Unisex T-Shirts

From $23.00 - $33.00

"My Cat Family" Women Wallet


"Nature Sculpture" Women Wallet


"Paradise Hole" Modern Three Canvas Print Decor (4 Pieces)


"Pimpos Diver" Women Tee

From $23.65 - $25.31

"Pineapple Madness" Baby Kids Romper


"Pizza N' Lov" Printed Unisex T-Shirt


"Pretty Fly" Newborn Baby Romper


"Psychedelia" Women Wallet/Clutch


"PUMbA" Unisex T-Shirt

From $18.00 - $21.00

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